Hirundo Super Car Scratch Haze Remover - 2PCS Get 10% OFF!

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Product Overview

High cost and long time, are you still going to a collision shop to sand, paint and buff out scratches? Time to change a way! Use our Hirundo Super Car Scratch Haze Remover, you can get a clean and brand new surface with little cost. Add to your cart right now! 

Product Features:

  • Removes surface scratches, swirl marks and haze
  • Works on all colors and finishes
  • Makes scratches disappear in seconds
  • It is a deep scratch repair kit for black car
  • Easy to use, just apply to the scratch, lightly rub it in and buff away the scratch! It’s that simple. The secret is the resinand millions of microparticles that gently and effectively remove surface scratches with one easy step. So forget about with this product you can protect your paint job while removing ugly scratches!
  • Best scratch remover for cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, ATV and so much more

Package Includes:

1 × Hirundo Super Car Scratch Haze Remover