Hirundo Strawberry Huller

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Product Overview

Hirundo Strawberry Huller, corer, stem remover, pitter, peeler, scooper, destemmer tool, huller tongs, core remover is easy, convenient, best for strawberries and other soft fruits and vegetables!

  • Unique design hulls strawberries effortlessly.
  • Simple to use push button mechanism.
  • Fun strawberry design with bold colors is easy to find in the drawer.
  • Also handy for coring tomatoes and other soft fruits and vegetables.
  • Top rack dishwasher safe.

1. One hand need to hold the fruit. Safe to wash and easy dry off.
2. The other hand needs to hold the huller and push the bottom mechanism.
3. Release the bottom and take the stem out off the fruit.

Package includes: 
1 X strawberry huller