Indoor Sensor Wireless LED Night Light

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Product Overview

✨Reliable, Trustworthy Safety Lighting✨

Best Indoor Motion Sensor Wireless LED Night Light

The convenient battery-powered light offers easy installation without wiring in less than 5 minutes to instantly increase safety and convenience around your home. And the LED light’s small size and weather-resistant materials allow it to be installed nearly anywhere.


  • HANDS-FREE: Best Indoor Motion Sensor Wireless LED Night Light automatically turns on when motion is detected and automatically turns off when motion is no longer detected
  • WIRELESS LIGHTING: Motion sensor night light is battery-powered and wireless. Installs anywhere for hands-free control
  • BRIGHT LIGHT: Wireless motion sensor light has a long-lasting LED that emits a bright, white light to illuminate dark areas around the home
  • DAYLIGHT SENSOR: Sensor operates only in low ambient light and will not trigger when natural light is detected


  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: 3* AAA batteries powered
  • Product Dimensions: 7*6.2cm
  • Voltage: <36V
  • Color: White
  • Brightness: 32 lumens per unit


  • 2*Best Indoor Motion Sensor Wireless LED Night Light